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Welcome to Doing It Right

In 2000, inspired by early bloggers Todd Wilkins and Peter Merholz, I launched a blog at

Looking back through those old posts (now mirrored on this site), I'm struck by my naive attitude and sloppy writing. Thankfully, I've learned a lot since then, and after five grueling years working to build a successful business, I'm finally ready to begin sharing what I've learned.

As the cofounder of a successful startup, a lot of people have turned to me for advice. The thing I've observed about those people is that the smart ones just want to know how to get started—no matter what project they're about to undertake. They know, perhaps intuitively, that no one has all the answers and that the most critical step to Doing It Right is simply starting off on the right foot.

So today, I'm relaunching my blog, with a focus on getting started.

Doing It Right will help you identify the easiest set of steps needed to get started with any new project. When you need details, we'll point you in the right directions, but our focus will be on what I've found to be the most difficult part:

  1. Identifying how to get started
  2. Ensuring you have a solid foundation to build upon
  3. Encouraging you to stick with your practice

Because worrying about what can go wrong is one of the main reasons people don't ever take that first step, Doing It Right will focus on the positive. Course correction is easy, especially at the beginning of any project, so we won't waste time worrying about what not to do.

Much like Tom Rath, of StrengthsFinder fame, recommends improving the skills you're already good at, rather than struggling to fix the areas where you're deficient, Doing It Right will help you achieve positive results, rather than avoid negative consequences.

I hope you enjoy the posts and I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me on Twitter: @bradlau

And now, our theme song…

Daft Punk — Doin' it Right ft. Panda Bear