Thoughts and images from Brad Lauster

The “stories we tell” and the “conversations we have with ourselves” aren’t so much about stories and conversations as they are about the mappings in the metaphors we use.
–Note taken while reading George Lakoff’s Philosophy in the Flesh

Benefits, not features - a better way to frame the projects you choose to work on. Talk about the way we live our lives, rather than what we do in our lives.
–Note from MX 2007

Motivations → (lead to) → Behaviors → (establish) → Connections
–Note from MX 2007

Emotions are how we experience experiences.
–Note from MX 2007

Metrics drive tactical behavior, but you need a strategy for experience.
–Note from a panel at MX 2007

Prediction: Apple announces wireless earpods tomorrow, but eschews bluetooth in favor of a proprietary protocol that offers better UX. 🎧